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    Towards a 60 mpg Powertrain


The engine and transmission (powertrain) is entering its most technologically disruptive decade fueled by more stringent Emission and Fuel Economy regulations. Our new Aurtronic Torque Assist Transmission is an innovative solution to the vehicle manufacturers whose main goal is to build more fuel efficient cars and trucks with responsive performance at no premium to its customers.


Full time Torque Assist using recuperated energy to achieve fuel economy and drive performance.


The Aurtronic is a modern upgrade to the Automatic transmission.


The Aurtronic is designed for all Light and selected Medium duty vehicles.


The Aurtronic is designed for all Light and selected Medium duty vehicles.

about us

Our humble beginning in Research and Development from the late 1990s was rewarded in 2015 with the first successful dynamometer prototype test of the transmission validating energy recuperation during acceleration. This was significant as hybrids generally recapture energy solely at braking. This breakthrough meant the energy storage system can be downsized from expensive and heavy battery pack specifications as common in hybrid and electric vehicles.

What we do

We are transmission developers for automotive, marine and agricultural vehicles.

Avotronics collaborates with its clients and customers such as vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and works with established tier suppliers and technology vendors to deliver advanced powertrain solutions.


Brand Consulting
Brand Consulting
Brand Consulting
Brand Consulting


Avotronics is currently focused in the automotive sector but expects to diversify in the coming years.

(Commercial Fleet)

Avotronics supports preferred fleet upfitters to upgrade base(OEM) transmission to more fuel economy and efficient powertrain performance to improve operating cost

Performance (Motorsport)

Avotronics technological team supports selected performance programs were the combination of fuel economy and responsive performance is a high value proposition to the Client/Customer

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